30 Jan 2015

About the Bankgiro system

An open system
Bankgirot is an open system. It is open for both the payer and the payee. As a payer, you can always reach the payee, regardless of who you bank with. As a payee you can receive payments from anyone, regardless of who you bank with. All banks operating in Sweden can participate in the open bankgiro system. Bankgirot is the link between the sender and receiver of the payment in the system, transferring the payment and distributing information about the transaction to all the parties involved. The information is always transmitted, regardless of the participating banks at either end of the transaction.

The bankgiro number
A bankgiro number can be connected to the banks and bank accounts you choose. The Bankgiro number is not an account number, but an address that points to a bank account. When you need to receive a payment, you just need to supply your bankgiro number – you never need to give out your bank account number. This is always hidden from the payer. If you change banks, you can keep your existing bankgiro number and your bankgiro payments will continue to work in the normal way.

Efficient payments
Bankgirot can offer everything from form payments for small businesses to automated electronic payment solutions for companies with computerised accounting systems. Bankgirot has established working relations with several of the largest producers of business, financial and communications software. Together, we are creating efficient business solutions for payments, saving companies both time and money.

Effective payments
Bankgirot offers services for incoming and outgoing payments via the Bankgiro System. The most comprehensive services are Direct Debit (Autogiro), Bankgiro Receivables (Bankgiro Inbetalningar) and Supplier Payments (Leverantörsbetalningar). Bankgirot has established collaborations with several of the largest business, accounting and communication software companies. Together we create efficient business solutions for all payment needs, saving your business both time and money.

Communication and security
Secure transfer of data files is important when it comes to your company’s money. Bankgirot offers a number of methods for file transfers to and from your company, depending on the size of the company and the type of IT equipment used. Electronic anti-tampering protection provides security against the file being manipulated during the transfer between your company and Bankgirot.

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